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Take a Vacation from Smartphones and Overtime Laws

by Sarah McAdams Do you keep your personal Blackberry or iPhone on your bedside table, yanking yourself from deep sleep every time a new message dings in? You’re not alone, sad addict. I, for instance, am typing this on a Saturday at a picnic table in my backyard. For years, employers have most frequently issued […]

Coffee with a Conscience: 5 Ways to Make Break Time Greener

by Sarah McAdams The average office worker in America uses about 500 disposable cups every year, according to the Clean Air Council. If 10 million of them used their own mugs, it would eliminate about 312,500 miles of trash every year. Launching a “green coffee” program at your company can be as simple as changing […]

Reducing Personnel Costs and Helping Workers Have Work-life Balance

by Sarah McAdams For some companies, layoffs will be inevitable. If your company is part of that “some,” of course you’ll do everything you can before conceding that a workforce reduction is the only option. Just make sure that “everything” includes exploring a potential work-life balance solution. That’s right, even in this bleak economy when […]

Financial Crisis Should Boost Work-Life Benefits

by Sarah McAdams The global economic crisis is stressing out employees everywhere. Almost half are worried they’re going to lose their jobs, nearly a third are working more hours and taking less time off, 48 percent said that stress makes it hard for them to perform well on the job, and 25 percent are actively […]

Money Worries: How to Ease Employees’ Stress

by Sarah McAdams Nearly three-quarters of employees are stressed about money — and 45% say their financial worries make it harder for them to do their jobs, according to a Workplace Options survey. Current predictions about the economy surely won’t improve matters. “The key source of people’s money stress is far deeper than where to […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and HR

by Sarah McAdams When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), HR departments have a particularly crucial role to play. “When you strive to be a more responsible company, you are relying on people to make sure you stay true to your values, and HR’s expertise is people,” explains Marcy Scott Lynn, CSR manager at […]