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Want a Union Card with Your Latte? Labor Activity Starts Percolating at Starbucks

For some people, loyalty to a particular coffee brand rivals their devotion to a favorite college football team. Kathleen, my spouse, would crawl three miles over broken glass for her Starbucks Americano decaf. I favor QuikTrip and McDonald’s coffee. Within the last three months, employees at several Starbucks locations voted to unionize. Seem like isolated […]

Stop with Selecting the Best Applicants … Start Selecting the Best Employees

Kleiman, who offered hiring tips at BLR’s HR Strategic Summit held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona, will be speaking on the topic in an upcoming BLR® Webinar. Finding A Players Kleiman offers four sources of great new employees that are free and easy. Former Employees Former employees who left the company and came back are great […]