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HRHero Training Survey Results

When it comes to training employees and supervisors, HR plays a significant role in most — if not all — aspects at many companies, according to the latest HR Hero survey. While this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many HR practitioners, the level of involvement in all phases of training might. Our survey, […]

Misery Loves Company; Plaintiffs Love Dunder Mifflin

Litigation value: $ 100,000 On the Blood Drive episode of The Office, Michael took things to the next level, or at least got creative in finding new ways to do something actionable, by stopping work and throwing a Valentine’s Day mixer. Sure, in the past Michael has said crude things, turned a blind eye to […]

Seven Ways to Help Supervisors to “Get” Diversity

Sometimes, broad diversity training isn’t enough. In fact, we’d venture to say that most times it’s not enough. That’s particularly the case when it comes to getting supervisors to take diversity seriously. “We’ve found that simple ‘diversity training’ doesn’t seem to do much to help managers ‘get it,’” says Joanne Cleaver, president of Wilson-Taylor Associates, […]

Mentoring: Helping Supervisors “See”

Supervisors don’t just need to understand the challenges faced by minorities and the legal ramifications, they must also experience what it’s like to be a minority within the organization, says Rene Petrin, who, as president of Boston-based Management Mentors, sets up corporate mentoring programs for clients. “One of the most effective ways to translate theory […]

Where’s the Beef?

Litigation Value: Surprisingly, maybe $0 Maybe this is just a reflection on me and my days as an HR Director, but I didn’t see much that would really nail Dunder Mifflin this week. Sure, Meredith has been having an affair with a vendor to get discounts for the company. But it didn’t come out that […]

The Set-Up-to-Fail Syndrome: How Good Managers Cause Great People to Fail

Employment law attorney Michael Maslanka reviews the book The Set-Up-to-Fail Syndrome: How Good Managers Cause Great People to Fail by J.ean-Francois Manzoni and Jean-Louis Barsouxtalks. Review offers tips for helping supervisors talk to and communicate with employees. Practicing law has taught me a lot, and here’s something that proves true again and again: Real influence […]

Michael Scott and the Popularity Contest at The Office

There is no question that Michael Scott wants all his employees at The Office to like him. He even fessed up to it in the episode where he hit Meredith with his car. Well, sort of — Michael said, “I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like this compulsive need […]

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

Employment law editor Michael Maslanka reviews the book Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler. Review highlights tactics in book for effective communication between supervisors and employees. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High‘s big idea: There are tactics you can […]

Are You Flunking Performance Evaluations 101?

As HR professionals, you might sometimes find it’s easy to take parts of your job for granted — completing I-9 forms, signing employees up for health insurance, and overseeing annual performance evaluations. Unlike routine paperwork, however, performance evaluations are an important part of effective management and can be critical in defending against employment litigation. And […]