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Beware of Chiseling Succession Plans into Stone

Succession plans are a great way of filling executive seats during these difficult hiring times. However, there are some rules and best practices you need to consider before carving your succession plan into stone.

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Getting the scoop: The value of exit interviews

Depending on your vantage point, exit interviews can be an effective way to get information that will improve the workplace, or they’re a waste of time that some employees resent. The idea behind exit interviews is to help employers understand why employees leave so that the employer can make improvements to reduce turnover and boost […]

A New Genre of Discrimination? Smokers Need Not Apply

By Susan Hartmus Hiser Q: Our company is considering implementing a policy that would make individuals who smoke ineligible for employment. In doing so, we would save a substantial amount of money on our insurance premiums. Can we do this? If so, how do we monitor employees who claim they have quit smoking? A: Many […]

When an Employee Wants to Resign but Continue Working

by Susan Hartmus Hiser Q: We have an employee who has been having performance problems. He has offered to resign in lieu of being placed on a performance improvement plan, but he wants to continue working for another couple of months because he feels he has a better chance of getting a new job if […]

Incentive Packages Must Comply with OWBPA

by Susan Hartmus Hiser Q: Our company is downsizing its operations, and we would like to offer an incentive package to certain employees as an inducement to leave voluntarily. If we do, can we obtain a release of all claims from the employees who accept the incentive package? HR Guide to Employment Law: A practical […]