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Looking Ahead: How to Attract the Next Generation of Talent

At our recent event, RecruitCon 2018, Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS Inc., offer a series of best practices for recruiters at a well attended session. BLR’s RecruitCon 2018 was held recently in Nashville.

MillennialsText—Good or Bad for the Workplace?

One of the most clichéd or stereotypical images of a younger employee slacking off on the job involves the employee texting at work. But a recent article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett, writing for HR Dive, reveals that texting actually serves legitimate business needs. Many younger managers rely heavily on this medium for communicating with their teams: […]

Kids’ dwindling writing skills are no reason to LOL

by Dan Oswald Is writing becoming a lost art? The adoption of new technology has forever changed how we communicate with one another—and that includes the written word. I’m certain my kids write more with their thumbs, texting incessantly on their phones, than any other way. And I say that even though two of my […]

Texting While Driving Now Illegal in West Virginia

West Virginia has become the 41st state to ban texting while driving. The law, which went into effect July 1, makes it a primary offense to text with a handheld cell phone while driving. Because it’s a primary offense, violators can be pulled over and cited. Texting already was a secondary offense, meaning someone violating […]

When Weather Affects Your Business and Employees

Raise your hand if your business has not been disrupted by the weather in 2011. In the past two months, large parts of the Southeast and Midwest have been reeling from record numbers of devastating tornadoes; the West Coast had tsunami warnings following the earthquake in Japan; and the Mississippi River and its tributaries have […]

OSHA Says Employers Must Ban Texting while Driving

by Boyd Byers Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced an initiative to combat work-related distracted driving. OSHA’s first point of focus is texting while driving. Audio Conference: Monitoring Employee E-Mail, Texting and Facebook: What’s Off Limits Safety concerns prompt new laws Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of worker fatalities, and […]

How Texting Can Get You into Trouble at Work

Has texting grown up enough to become a corporate communications tool? Are your employees using their company-provided phone, PDA, or smartphone to send text messages? HR professionals, IT leaders, and other executives are pondering the above questions at the moment. Text messaging is becoming more mainstream. Workers who came to maturity in the age of […]

Ban Raises Texting-Driving Issues that Go Beyond Big Rigs

The federal Transportation Department’s announcement banning texting by drivers of commercial vehicles is sure to make employers think twice about their policies even if they don’t have trucks or buses on the road. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the announcement January 26 that an interpretation of standing rules prohibits texting by drivers of commercial […]