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Toxic Impact of Rude Bosses Part II: Role of the Leader

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the significant and negative impacts a toxic boss can have on an organization. From bringing down department and company morale and productivity to increasing turnover to setting a bad example for other employees and other leaders, toxic bosses are bad news for any organization, and they can’t simply be tolerated. […]

Toxic Impact of Rude Bosses Part I: Negative Impact

Most of us have had to deal with rude, toxic, or just unpleasant employees or coworkers at some point in our careers. But what happens when unpleasant employees aren’t just our coworkers—they’re our bosses? This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon situation for many workers.

MillennialsText—Good or Bad for the Workplace?

One of the most clichéd or stereotypical images of a younger employee slacking off on the job involves the employee texting at work. But a recent article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett, writing for HR Dive, reveals that texting actually serves legitimate business needs. Many younger managers rely heavily on this medium for communicating with their teams: […]

How to Use Technology to Drive Organizational Culture

Corporate culture, or organizational culture, is notoriously difficult to change. The term refers to the ingrained values, practices, and essence of a company. The concept can take many dimensions: focus on timeliness, rigidity of corporate hierarchy, office politics, etc. At the same time, the relatively independent influence of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees can […]

How to Detect and Stop Bullying in the Workplace

Sadly, the experience of being bullied is something many people remember from their childhood. Arguably, the pervasiveness and omnipresence of the online social media culture have made that experience even worse for today’s children. But, despite the common connotations of “bullying” invoking playgrounds and school hallways, bullying isn’t restricted to children. In fact, Robby Brumberg, […]