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Emerging DEI Trends for 2024

As organizations continue to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), staying abreast of emerging trends is crucial for HR professionals and managers. Here’s a look at the significant DEI trends shaping workplaces in 2024. Increased Focus on Intersectionality In 2024, DEI programs are increasingly recognizing intersectionality, addressing overlapping social identities and their related systems of […]

Change Management Best Practices

Today’s HR professionals and managers operate in an environment of continual change. That makes change management competencies no longer an option but a crucial competency. Operating Amid Constant Change Today’s business landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses need to continually adapt to both internal and external impacts, including advances in technology, shifts in market dynamics (both […]

How to Build a Highly Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of organizational success, and HR plays a vital role in fostering a highly engaged workforce. Employee engagement is a term used to describe how emotionally invested and devoted people are to their jobs and the company. It includes elements like motivation, zeal, and alignment with corporate ideals and goes […]

5 Ways to Recalibrate Your DEI Strategy

With market instability looming, companies can’t afford to fall short on productivity, which requires hiring and retaining top talent for critical roles. To stay competitive and relevant in today’s fast-paced business landscape, leveraging the benefits of diversity and inclusion is a must, but many companies seem to put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts on […]

Talent and Development Key to Business Success in the Years to Come

Training teams have long been dismissed by many organizations and employees. Corporate training has, in some cases, earned a hard-to-shake reputation as being boring and not particularly applicable to day-to-day job duties. While that reputation is largely unfair, it is true that L&D teams have improved considerably in terms of engagement, content and delivery in […]

Unlock the Power of Cognitive Diversity in the Workplace 

Effectively managing cognitive diversity in the workplace requires consideration of individual differences in thinking and processing information. Because cognitive diversity encompasses a range of styles, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches, it’s an asset that’s increasingly valued in today’s fast-paced work environment. In fact, cognitive diversity has been shown to lead to greater innovation and creativity and […]

Using AI Chatbots for Employee Training and Development

There’s no doubt artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots have gotten increasingly sophisticated in recent years, and there’s certainly no doubt that these mysterious and novel tools have garnered a lot of media attention for their growing capabilities, as well. For example, a Google software engineer named Blake Lemoine claimed the company’s AI chatbot LaMDA had become […]

Empowering Leaders Through Training and Development: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

When you hear the term “effective leadership,” what comes to mind? Here are a few considerations to start the list: inspiring, trustworthy, strategic, empathetic, customer-focused, decisive, and humble. Do you see a problem with this list? Effective leadership spans a broad spectrum of interpersonal skills, personality characteristics, and business-oriented competencies. Unfortunately, because of the gap […]

What New Challenges and Opportunities Will 2023 Hold for L&D Professionals?

As another year comes to a close, learning and development leaders are preparing to take a deep breath over the holidays in anticipation of another year of dynamism and unpredictability. As armed conflict, broad social change, environmental challenges, and a smoldering pandemic continue to impact the corporate world, new challenges are sure to emerge, leaving […]

Promoting Training and Development Opportunities to Attract Top Candidates

In an inflationary environment with limited labor supply, many small and midsize employers simply can’t afford to keep salaries and bonuses in step with their larger competitors for talent. Indeed, even major corporations may struggle to keep payroll costs down while recruiting and retaining top talent. Companies across a variety of industries are being forced […]