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Have Streaming and Online Services Really Been a Game Changer for Training?

Yesterday we began our special three-part question-and-answer session with Steve Rozillis, head of Customer Evangelism at Panopto, concerning contemporary methods of capturing training sessions. Today we’ll look into why it’s so important to store lectures and what streaming and online services have brought to the table.

What Is Lecture Capture?

Today we are embarking on a special three-part question and answer session with Steve Rozillis, head of Customer Evangelism at Panopto. We will be discussing how technology has transformed the ability to capture lectures for later training.

State-of-the-Art Simulation Training Gives Employees Hands-On Experience

Many organizations are turning to virtual simulators to create realistic training scenarios and, in the process, help employees refine their skills and learn best practices. From computerized flight simulators for pilots to simulators that give healthcare professionals opportunities to practice lifesaving skills, the technology is proving to be a great benefit for a wide range […]

Don’t Let Lack of Training Create Social Media Chaos

There’s no denying social media is here to stay, and its impact on the workplace can’t be ignored. So employers are smart to be proactive and have policies in place to help them avoid potential liability connected to employee use of social media.