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California vs. federal travel pay

Travel pay poses a significant risk for wage and hour claims since the line between employer time and employee time can easily blur. With employees commuting to and from the workplace; to and from jobsites; and to and from hotels, airports, and conferences, the line between personal time and work time isn’t always clear. The […]

5 Basic Rules for Understanding Travel Pay in California

Experts say travel pay disputes – from business trips and mandatory off-site training to commuting time, waiting time, and on-call time – could fuel an enormous surge in lawsuits filed by workers in 2012 and beyond. Why? Many employers haven’t updated their workplace policies in recent years to keep up with changing federal and state […]

When Non-Exempts Travel, Comp Gets Confusing

Travel by non-exempts outside the normal area brings two different sets of rules into play. (As we mentioned yesterday, exempt employees are expected to work as and when the job requires.) Special Assignment in a Different Location When an employee who regularly works at a fixed location in one city is given a special one-day […]

Travel Pay—Trickier Than It Should Be

Whether time spent traveling is paid work time depends on the type of travel involved: commuting, day travel, and overnight travel. Travel time that is work time is subject to both the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. (Don’t forget to check state laws on travel pay; some states, […]

Travel Pay Rules in California: Not Always Clear-Cut

If an employee injures third parties while working, you as the employer can be held liable for those injuries. Normally, an employee’s regular commute to and from work is not considered to be “working” time, so employers aren’t responsible for accidents that happen then.