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Pay It Forward: Turning Pay Equity into a Reality

Think back to the beginning of the pandemic. Parents took on roles as teachers, caretakers, and much more in addition to their full-time jobs. Furthermore, countless articles suggest that women took on the bulk of those responsibilities, and, despite the additional duties in and out of the home, industry data still indicates that women earn […]

EntertainHR: Olympian Tori Bowie’s Pregnancy-Related Death and the Pervasiveness of Implicit Bias

American track and field champion Tori Bowie recently died suddenly from complications related to childbirth. The three-time Olympian, who was once known as one of the fastest women in the world, hadn’t been seen for several days when the local police department sent deputies to her Florida home as part of a welfare check. When […]

Are You Ready for AI? Some Things for HR to Consider Before Pressing the Button

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies grow in sophistication, businesses are increasingly turning to them to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. HR professionals are under pressure to integrate AI tools into their recruitment, training, and performance evaluation processes to keep pace with this rapidly evolving landscape. While AI promises many benefits, there are also […]

Unlock the Power of Cognitive Diversity in the Workplace 

Effectively managing cognitive diversity in the workplace requires consideration of individual differences in thinking and processing information. Because cognitive diversity encompasses a range of styles, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches, it’s an asset that’s increasingly valued in today’s fast-paced work environment. In fact, cognitive diversity has been shown to lead to greater innovation and creativity and […]

Why You Should Add an Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager to Your Bench in 2023

We’ve heard a lot about companies’ growing interest in hiring chief inclusion and diversity officers (CIDOs). CIDOs are allocating budgets, mapping out goals, and building programs for inclusion and diversity (I&D) that will impact all employees. According to Glassdoor, I&D executive and leadership roles have more than doubled since June 2020. And according to LinkedIn […]

How Companies Can Advance Women in the Workplace

Forty-two percent of working women in the United States report experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace.  Women in the workplace have made a considerable amount of progress, but true inclusion and belonging require more equitable action than just equality. To ensure true inclusion and belonging in the workplace, businesses must take proactive steps to remove […]

For Better DEI, Understand the Why

Nearly a year of seemingly continuous layoffs throughout the tech industry have harmed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, raising concerns about the vulnerability of recent DEI gains in the workplace. To ensure DEI initiatives are not only continued but strengthened, we must understand the total value they bring, to employees and employers alike. DEI […]

Sources of Bias in Your Current Hiring Process and How to Mitigate Them

Something that makes us uniquely human is taking mental shortcuts. When making decisions, our brains use both our past experiences and the norms and expectations of the communities, cultures, and systems we live within, with both positive and negative impacts. While we understand this is human nature, it is also the root of both implicit […]

Eliminating Unconscious Bias in Your Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring, companies want to make the best decisions for their business by finding the most qualified candidates who will succeed in the role and contribute to the company’s bottom line. However, unconscious bias can often creep into the hiring process, leading to subpar candidates being hired or qualified candidates being overlooked. […]


Is Unconscious Bias Training Making Matters Worse?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs are all the rage, with Fortune 1000 companies spending roughly $1.5 million on DEI programs annually—all while slashing budgets in other critical areas. If this were merely a case of wasted corporate resources, that would be the good news. Yet the bad news is more alarming: Mounting evidence reveals […]