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HR Takes Center Stage During the Pandemic

No event has impacted the economy as abruptly and with such speed as the COVID-19 pandemic, an occurrence that altered the way we live and work virtually overnight. In the span of a mere 8 weeks, unemployment shot from under 4% to nearly 15%.


Hiring Faster: How You Can Speed Up Time to Hire

In a job market with high unemployment, employers may find themselves with hiring needs but few available applicants who meet their requirements. What often ends up happening is employers have too many applicants but not enough who are qualified. In today’s unique situation, we’re faced with high unemployment levels but difficulty hiring.


Recruiting Self-Sabotage

Employers recruiting today are faced with candidates who have lots of ways to find jobs, easy access to information about employers, and lots of options, despite high unemployment levels. This means employers still need to be diligent in their recruiting process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways recruiters may be self-sabotaging their own efforts.


COVID Norm: June/July 2020 Hiring and Employment Trends

2020 is like a moody teenager who can’t make up his or her mind! We started the year with the candidate-driven market, and then bam! COVID-19 hit, resulting in the worst unemployment numbers since the Great Depression. In June, states began lifting restrictions and businesses started opening back up, and then by July, businesses and […]


Colorado Legislature Passes Paid Sick Leave, Other Bills Affecting Employers

In an extraordinary legislative session interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic—which led to a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that lawmakers could reconvene after initially adjourning in late March 2020, despite a constitutional provision limiting regular sessions to “one hundred and twenty calendar days”—the Colorado General Assembly passed a number of important bills affecting employers.


500-Day Journey to the New Normal

I hope all of you are safe and secure, wherever you are working or sheltering. With our persistent joint efforts and with all the help we can get, we will get through the coronavirus crisis. When will America’s workplaces return to normal?