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“Yellowjackets” Star Is Body Shamed on Set by a Co-Worker—Is That Illegal?

Melanie Lynskey, a star of the new Showtime series Yellowjackets, recently recounted an incident in which a coworker allegedly criticized her body on set. According to Lynskey, a production team member asked her what she planned to do about her weight and suggested that the show’s producers would be willing to hire a personal trainer […]

Sexual Harassment: Harassment Escalates into Violence When Employer Delays Responding to Complaint; Would Your Managers Have Taken Action?

Trouble began between Betra Thompson and Tina Sheffield, two clerks for the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services, when Thompson allegedly called Sheffield at home, said she liked her “like a man likes a woman,” and asked for a date. Sheffield said no and hung up. The next day, a Friday, Sheffield told her […]