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Top 5 Hard Skills Your Employees Should Learn in 2018

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about “soft skills” that employees need to learn, such as time management, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. But what “hard skills” or technical skills will your employees need to learn in 2018 to keep up in a world full of ever-changing technology? Below are […]

7 Things to Do When Adopting a New Learning Technology (Part 1)

It’s not easy to get everyone across an organization on the same page about practically anything, let alone a new learning technology you want them to start using. But if you do the right things, getting others across your organization to adopt a new learning technology doesn’t have to be as arduous and painful as […]


4 Characteristics of a Great Onboarding Program

For today’s Advisor we have an article by Rickard Hansson, the founder and CEO of Incentive, a socially powered enterprise collaboration platform for mid-market companies and enterprise teams. Read on to learn about Hansson’s four essential qualities of an effective onboarding program. When it comes to new hires, orientation and onboarding are important for successfully […]