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Steps to Take Before Installing Video Surveillance at Work

Question:         We plan to install security cameras in the production area of our nonunion food packaging facility because of an increase in damaged product and safety incidents. Can we post signs at all entrances stating surveillance cameras are in use, or do we need to have each employee sign a waiver? Answer:   Generally, you may monitor […]

Employers must have a reasonable basis for engaging in employee surveillance

By Clayton Jones When confronted with information that an employee may be abusing paid sick leave, it is only natural for an employer to want to investigate further. One way in which employers may do this is through the surreptitious surveillance of the employee. However, such surveillance is of limited value unless the employer will […]

How Canadian Arbitrators View Video Surveillance

By Derek Knoechel Canadian arbitrators have been dealing with the issue of how to deal with video surveillance of employees for over two decades. Early decisions dealt with off-site surveillance of employees suspected of faking or exaggerating illnesses. But countless battles have since been waged over the use of video surveillance cameras in and around […]

New Top 10 Rules for Video Surveillance in Canada

By Barbara A.  McIsaac and Rachel Ravary McCarthy Tetrault By now, we all know that video surveillance of employees is a touchy subject and should be used only as a last resort. But when you’ve examined all of the alternatives and have come to the conclusion that no other solution will do, we can at […]