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The Trump Effect: Navigating the Minefield

Recent presidential politics, combined with employee social media use, create a potential minefield for private-sector employers. In many respects, the law in this area still is in its nascent stages, but developments are rapidly occurring.

Surveillance and Secrets—Managing Social Media Risks

[Go here for S’s 1 and 2] S #3. Surveillance or “Snooping” What’s the Risk? When you monitor employee’s social media activity, you run two risks, says Yip: Damage to morale. The company may call it surveillance, but the employees will view it as snooping, and they won’t like it. The vast majority of employees […]

Is My Local Salary Survey an Anti-Trust Violation?

If I call colleagues in other companies to see what they are paying, am I creating a Sherman Anti-Trust Act violation? It’s likely, but there are safe harbor provisions, says Bottos, Vice President of Compensation at data provider Kenexa. Her suggestions came at a recent webinar sponsored by the company. What’s the Practice in the […]

OSHA Penalties for Personal Protective Equipment Violations Escalate

In these troubled economic times, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has hit upon a sure-fire way to increase government revenue without any extra work or change in procedures. If it wasn’t so ominous for employers, we might be tempted to applaud the agency’s ingenuity and audacity. Required federal and state workplace posters, including […]