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Managing Remote Work Conflict

There’s always been workplace conflict, and it’s only natural for disagreements to eventually emerge when people work closely together for most of their lives, despite the time and resources some companies invest in avoiding and mitigating these conflicts. But workplace conflict isn’t restricted to the physical office. There are more sources of coworker clashes than […]

Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Meetings

It’s truly extraordinary how successfully virtual meetings have been able to replace in-person meetings. Virtual meetings are not a perfect substitute, but the ability to use live video and audio along with screen-sharing allows for effective collaboration. It’s so effective, in fact, that many participants forget the nonverbal messages they’re sending to colleagues, whether they […]


4 Ways to Protect Your Employees in the Virtual Workplace

With the growth of remote work, an area of concern for business leaders is the rise of cyberbullying. Bullying in the workplace is not an unusual circumstance, but the Internet and electronic communications have made it easier for cyberbullies to breach their victims’ lives, leaving them feeling worried, vulnerable, and isolated in off-site locations. Remote […]

Working from Home Proving to Be More Productive Than We Used to Think!

Despite, or perhaps because of, months of time spent in a new hybrid work environment in which many employees are continuing to work from home, perspectives on work/life balance have shifted significantly. Some who may have previously longed for more time at home now wish they could return to the office. Others who said remote […]


Creative Virtual Meeting Ideas

After more than 12 months of staring at computer screens that look like the opening credits of The Brady Bunch, employees and their managers are becoming understandably weary of the online meeting experience. Recognizing this, many meeting planners are finding creative and engaging ways to make these meetings more meaningful and less fraught with anxiety. […]

Managing a World Where Zoom Fatigue Is All Too Real

Even before the pandemic, Zoom had proven to be a great tool for virtual training. But when the pandemic struck, suddenly, Zoom became a go-to tool for just about every form of business interaction imaginable—from regularly recurring meetings to colleague-to-colleague interactions to hiring to performance reviews. In short, Zoom and similar tools became the default […]

The Virtual Work Space: What Are the Benefits and Risks?

Remote work, virtual office, telecommute—more and more employers are permitting employees to spend their days in a nontraditional work space, including giving them the ability to work from a remote office, a home office, or even the local coffee shop.