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Virtual Reality Is the Future of Employee Training

From operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to active shooter drills, much of the cost, complexity, and danger in training can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology. Traditional training methods require classrooms with paid instructors, equipment, learning tools, and occasionally travel expenses. Most companies simply don’t have […]

More Companies Exploring Virtual Travel Benefits to Ensure Inclusivity and Uniqueness

The employment landscape forever changed as the pandemic set off near unprecedented churn throughout American industries. Members of the workforce took notice of their employers’ deficiencies, whether they be low pay, a lack of opportunity, or difficulty maintaining work/life balance, and made it known what they expect from their next job. Employees are now in […]

VR Job Interviews

Job interviews can really make people feel like they’re out of their natural element. Pre-COVID, job interviews typically meant meeting with a hiring manager in person, trying to find an unfamiliar office, perhaps dressing up more than usual, etc. But during the pandemic, huge numbers of job interviews switched to a virtual format. Instead of […]

Future of Virtual Workspaces Must Transcend Zoom and VR Headsets

Over the course of the pandemic, much of our work shifted from physical spaces to video meeting software. While work-from-home policies alleviated the dangers of COVID transmission (for some), what many managers didn’t foresee was that productivity improved for 77% of employees, with staffers adding an equivalent of 1 extra day’s work to each week. […]

LAPD Utilizes VR Tech for Training

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have long been considered potential game-changers for training. The ability to simulate various scenarios that are difficult or expensive to replicate in real life has the potential to simultaneously improve training outcomes and lower costs. VR Training in Law Enforcement According to a report by Lester Holt for […]