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Rethinking Preemployment Drug Screenings

A job in the White House is a dream come true for many young Americans interested in a career in politics or simply interested in the networking and educational benefits such a position can offer. But for at least five White House staffers, that dream had a rude and an unexpected awakening.


Leslie Jordan: Unlikely Instagram King Celebrates a Historic Pride Month

If you haven’t been following actor and comedian Leslie Jordan’s Instagram feed throughout the coronavirus pandemic, you have been missing out on a beacon of light and levity. The 64-year-old self-described “pocket gay” has been sharing a running commentary while sheltering in place in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.


3 Benefits of Offering More Inclusive Paternity Leave

The United States is still one of the only developed nations that doesn’t federally mandate some sort of paternity leave for new fathers or domestic partners. And where new fathers or domestic partners are eligible for paternity leave, it’s usually only available for around 2 weeks and doesn’t provide eligible employees with their full rate […]

The High Cost of High Turnover

Make no mistake: High employee turnover impacts the day-to-day operation of your business. It also sends a message to prospective job candidates, and the message isn’t “work here.”

President Trump’s Growing Pains Could Benefit from Business Lessons

If he has learned one lesson in his four months as president, Donald Trump has certainly discovered that the scrutiny he receives as the “leader of the free world” and one of the most powerful people in the world is much greater than anything he has experienced previously. President Trump, long known for his publicity-seeking […]

What Trump Can Teach Us about High Volume Recruiting

President Donald Trump has to fill over 4,000 vacancies created when President Barack Obama left office. With that many positions to fill, it’s an exercise in high volume recruiting—and one that we might just learn something from. By Anthony Panissidi, Social Media Associate at iCIMS

President Trump’s Communication Style Offers Valuable Lessons for Managers

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that Donald Trump has communicated differently than any other U.S. presidential candidate, president-elect, and now president. And his communication style has been analyzed, criticized, and commended. Everyone seems to have an opinion about his approach to communication, but there certainly isn’t agreement on its effectiveness.