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Consider Including These Key Terms in Your Well-Drafted Employment Agreements

You’ve found your ideal job candidate. The person has the skills and qualifications to perform well in the position you’re hiring him for, and he fits the mold and culture of your company. You’ve sent this person an offer of employment, and he has accepted. The offer may have provided a few details regarding the […]


FLSA: Workers’ Preliminary ‘Donning and Doffing’ Duties Compensable

By Troy D. Thompson of Axley Brynelson, LLP Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided that time spent by employees putting on and taking off company-required clothing to comply with federal regulations is compensable time for which they must be paid.  The court’s decision is largely consistent with a line of other recent decisions […]

Governor Walker friends Facebook users, bars employers from trolling employees’ accounts

by Saul C. Glazer The question of whether employers can require applicants or current employees to divulge social media passwords has been hotly debated both from a legal and a moral standpoint. On April 8, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill protecting nonpublic social media accounts. This bill, which takes effect April 10, prohibits […]

Walker to appeal lower court ruling against Wisconsin law restricting union rights

by Timothy Edwards In what may likely be a temporary victory for public unions in the state of Wisconsin, a Dane County judge declared that Governor Scott Walker’s restrictions to the collective bargaining rights of specific government employees (Act 10) are unconstitutional. The court’s decision is not the last word on this politically charged topic. […]

New ‘Concealed Carry’ Gun Law in Effect in Wisconsin

by Jessica E. Ozalp Axley Brynelson, LLP On November 1, most provisions of Wisconsin’s new “concealed carry” gun statute will go into effect. The law, which Governor Scott Walker signed in early July, establishes a licensing process that allows Wisconsinites age 21 and older to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon anywhere except […]

Ohio Joins Wisconsin, Idaho in Passing Union-Curbing Legislation

Another state has secured victory in the battle to balance struggling state budgets by restricting collective bargaining rights for public-sector employees. Ohio Governor John Kasich has approved Senate Bill (SB) 5, a bill that is in some ways more restrictive than the highly publicized and protested Wisconsin bill that passed earlier this year. The bill […]

Wisconsin Budget Bill Takes Tough Stance on Unions, Public Retirement Funds

By Troy D. Thompson On February 11, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker released details of his budget repair bill, a highly publicized measure directed at addressing the state’s budget crisis. Regardless of one’s political bent, there is no question that the bill, if adopted, will significantly change the landscape of public-sector employment in Wisconsin. The bill […]