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Legalized Gambling: What Employers Need to Know

Employers throughout the country are facing new challenges because of many states’ efforts to legalize conduct previously prohibited by criminal law. While this conduct has long been illegal, the changes to state law mean employers must now confront the intersection of what is now legal and permissible behavior with impacts on work performance. No, we […]


Want to Make Remote Workforce Permanent? Be Careful

The COVID-19 pandemic may have permanently changed the future of work. From banking to insurance and the legal industry, employers have embraced remote work for employees. Before March 2020, many companies allowed only a select few people to work remotely—typically exempt employees who travel. Now, they’re permitting more employees to work from home.

Questioning employees about prescription drugs that could affect performance and safety

by Joshua W. Solberg Employers often have policies and procedures (frequently included in a drug-testing policy) that require their employees to disclose the lawful use of prescription drugs (i.e., per the advice and prescription of a licensed physician) that could impair job performance. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), such policies may violate […]

‘You’re fired’—for watching TV too much

by Sophie Arseneault Canadian employment law does not recognize “at will” employment. An employer requires “just cause” to terminate someone without severance pay. Can you have a just cause termination for a 26-year employee with a previously clean employment record?

Key tips to remember when counseling and disciplining employees

by Michelle Lee Flores There is nothing like a gentle reminder or a “cheat sheet” to look at when counseling or disciplining employees. The key thing to remember is that although nothing can absolutely insulate you from claims of discrimination or wrongdoing, there are steps you can take to get to the ultimate goal of […]

How Do I Deal with a Disabled Worker’s Attendance Problems?

Q: We’ve been going through the interactive process with one of our employees (we’ll call him Mike). As a result, we’ve been accommodating him with unpaid leaves for the last year. It’s been tough, and Mike’s supervisors have told me more than once that they need to terminate him and move on. According to them, […]