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Employers need to make preparations as DACA sunset nears

President Donald Trump’s announcement of an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has prompted uncertainty not only for those benefiting from the program but also for their employers.  The program has benefitted an estimated 800,000 young people, known as Dreamers—undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. Many of those […]

Employer rules for temporary foreign workers in Canada

by Stéphane Aublet A work permit is generally issued based on a specific job offer made by a particular Canadian employer (or an employer doing business in Canada). As such, the employer commits itself to providing the foreign worker with wages, working conditions, and employment that are similar to the terms set out in the […]

New work permit requirements apply whether employer is in Canada or U.S.

by Gilda Villaran Employers whose employees must apply for a work permit or extension in order to work in Canada should be aware of a new compliance form and fee that they must submit before the person applies for the work permit. This came into effect February 21. Ports of entry into Canada may refuse […]

Canada’s temporary foreign worker program set to change

By Thora A. Sigurdson Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has been under fire of late. Temporary foreign workers sued Denny’s. Latin American tunnel diggers brought a human rights complaint against SELI. A British Columbia union complained that miners from China were taking jobs in northern B.C. And the Royal Bank’s decision to contract out […]

Bridging work permits for those awaiting permanent residence in Canada – finally!

By Gilda Villaran Immigration Canada announced a new policy on December 15, 2012, that allows for bridging work permits. Foreign nationals who are currently working in Canada and have applied for permanent residence (under certain programs) can now apply for such a permit. This will allow them to stay and work until their permanent residence […]

More changes in the Canadian immigration system

By Isabelle Dongier Winds of change keep blowing on Canadian immigration lands. In July 2012, we discussed several steps taken by the federal government relating to the rules and processes applicable to temporary and permanent immigration applications in Canada. More changes have been announced in the recent months. These changes aim to allow more foreigners […]

Renewal of Temporary Work Permits: Employers Beware!

By Isabelle Dongier Canadian employers must always ensure that their foreign employees are duly authorized to work in the country and remain so authorized during the complete period of their stay. To do so, employers can renew their employees’ work permits. But beware — these renewals are fraught with delays and technicalities. The following outlines […]

End of the Canada-wide Information Technology Program

By Susan Bradley and Gilda Villaran In November 2009, we started a discussion on the fundamentals of Canadian work permits. Until now, Canadian employers didn’t have to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Services Canada for certain information technology (IT) professionals. Employers didn’t have to prove that they had advertised the position, that they […]

Working in Canada without a Work Permit: Common Exemptions

by Ingrid Anton and Gilda Villaran In order to work in Canada, the general rule requires a foreign worker to obtain a work permit. There are certain exceptions to this rule. We present below the most common ones. Although some of the activities described below are normally considered “work” for immigration purposes, Canada’s immigration regulations […]