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Workers’ Compensation Claim for Mental Stress Allowed

By Derek Knoechel and Lorene Novakowski Canadian provinces have workers’ compensation legislation that provides a no-fault system of compensation for injuries suffered on the job. The system covers lost wages, medical aid, and rehabilitation for the injured worker and generally removes the injured worker’s ability to sue the employer. The workers’ compensation system is funded […]

Definitions of Common Workers Compensation Terms and Jargon

by Don Harrison Dealing with workers’ compensation administrators (or claims adjusters or attorneys) can be as frustrating as trying to decode a teenager’s text messages — KWIM (know what I mean)? This week, we thought we’d provide you a cheat sheet to help you make sense of the workers’ comp world. Audio Conference: Workers’ Comp […]

How to Say Goodbye to an Employee

Many folks will tell you that the relationship between an employee and his employer is a lot like a marriage or a long-term personal relationship. The breakup of that relationship can be nasty, particularly if it has been a long-term association and one of the parties believes he has been treated unfairly. The situation can […]

Employment Law Tip: Is Your Workers’ Comp Poster Up-to-Date?

California employers are required to keep posted in a conspicuous place a notice stating the name of the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier or stating that the employer is self-insured. The notice must be easily understandable and posted in both English and Spanish (where there are Spanish-speaking employees). The notice must include the following details: