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Why your company needs an antibullying policy

by Joe Godwin Bullying in the workplace is a common occurrence that’s often ignored or overlooked by management. Sometimes it may be ignored because, unlike sexual harassment, there’s usually no legal requirement that an organization have an antibullying policy. It also may be overlooked because leaders take a hands-off approach, believing employees should work out […]

Friendly crowd or adolescent bullies: Assessing cliques in the workplace

Think the cool kids’ lunch table is confined to high school cafeterias and that grownups in the workplace don’t resort to such cliquish behavior? Think again. A survey from CareerBuilder shows that close to half of the workers polled (43 percent) reported the presence of cliques in their workplaces. What’s more concerning is that a […]

Bullies in the Workplace, Not Just the Playground

Sixteen states have proposed legislation introduced under the title “The Healthy Workplace Bill.”  In 2009, 12 states’ legislatures considered bullying bills but none passed them. The legislation is intended to stop workplace bullying but hasn’t yet been made law in any state. Keep up with the latest changes in state employment laws with the monthly […]

Workplace Lessons from the Campaign Trail

by Margaret DiBianca Politics isn’t a career for the thin-skinned. “Getting the goods” on one’s opponent often seems like a strategic tactic. Candidates who engage in that “strategy” look for harmful information, and then, when the time is right, maybe at a rally or mid-debate, the goods are slung like mud in the general direction […]