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Most Common Employee Complaints to HR

Both HR professionals and managers are well aware of the tendency for employees to complain. And, while neither group enjoys dealing with complaints, it can’t be avoided. Some of the complaints could be avoided, though, by being aware of the most common frustrations facing employees and taking steps to head them off before complaints begin. […]

Talent and Development Key to Business Success in the Years to Come

Training teams have long been dismissed by many organizations and employees. Corporate training has, in some cases, earned a hard-to-shake reputation as being boring and not particularly applicable to day-to-day job duties. While that reputation is largely unfair, it is true that L&D teams have improved considerably in terms of engagement, content and delivery in […]


The Evolution of Leadership Training

The leadership development and coaching industries are undergoing a major transformation due to the dramatic shifts in remote workforce policies in response to COVID-19.


How You Can Get Leaders Onboard with Technological Changes

In order to be successful in this technologically driven workforce, Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning (HBPCL) stresses that leaders should build digital fluency among their employees. Beyond developing skills in domains such as data analytics, automation, and blockchain, digital fluency also means being able to spot trends and seize the possibilities that new technologies can […]