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Managing Activism in the Workplace: Some Guiding Principles

In a politically charged era where activism is considered noble, HR managers are confronting new challenges in the workplace in an attempt to find balance between the expression of disparate views while maintaining a productive and cohesive workforce.

Methinks thou doth protest too much! FYI, only ‘reasonable’ opposition is protected

It seems that every day the news is full of stories about employees (whether they are NFL players or Hollywood starlets) protesting unfair treatment. Usually, when an employee complains about discrimination, harassment, equal pay, or other work-related topics, he or she is protected from discipline or termination because the conduct is considered “protected activity” under […]

White House gone wild!

These days, just about anyone with an Internet connection and some time on their hands enjoys a wonder of the modern age: binge-watching. One of the first, and still one of my favorites, is Netflix’s House of Cards. No matter how over-the-top the plot twists become, no matter how difficult it is to follow the […]

Fox News & Bill O’Reilly—best practices for conducting internal workplace investigations

Bill O’Reilly’s reign as a Fox News favorite came to an abrupt end amid a series of sexual harassment allegations against him. After the most recent allegations, Fox News hired large law firm Paul Weiss to conduct its internal investigation.    Workplace investigations are tough, and if your organization can’t afford (or simply does not want) […]

Coworkers Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating! What could possibly go wrong?

Last week, the Internet was abuzz with the news that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, who work together as judges on The Voice, have begun dating. Workplace relationships, though fraught with hazard for HR professionals, are incredibly common, with 80 percent of employees reporting that they have been involved in, or have heard of, coworkers […]

Bullying in the Workplace: New Laws or Stronger Employer Policies?

Bullying in the workplace is an issue that 72 percent of Americans are aware of, according to a 2014 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute. However, the institute believes not enough is being done to fight this problem because workplace bullying is not considered protected discrimination under federal employment law. So through its Healthy Workplace […]

‘Liking’ Facebook Post About Employer Is Protected Concerted Activity, Says NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that “liking” a Facebook post criticizing an employer’s business practices constituted protected concerted activity for one restaurant employee, making his resulting termination unlawful. The Board also found violations in a number of the company’s other actions, including interrogating employees about the Facebook posts, threatening legal action and maintaining an […]

The Trouble with ‘Twibel’: A New Social Media Headache for Employers

You may feel like a twit when it comes to your understanding of Twitter, but it is time to add the word “Twibel” to your company’s vocabulary — and more importantly, to your overall social media strategy, says Porter Wright employment law attorney Sara Jodka. Libel occurs when someone prints a false and malicious statement […]

Retaliation is Reality TV

I think it’s safe to say that now, in 2013, we as a society are overrun by reality TV. The Truman Show starring Jim Carey debuted in 1998. In case you have forgotten, that was the movie where the whole world watched one man’s every move on a daily basis, from brushing his teeth to […]

Title VII Standard for Retaliation Claims Gets Scaled Back by Supreme Court

Noting that the increasing number of employee retaliation claims in employment discrimination cases calls for the proper interpretation and implementation of statutory language, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 24 issued a 5-4 ruling that will likely make it easier for employers to fend off such claims. In University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. […]