That's What She Said

Going for Gold

In honor of the Olympics, I have decided to hand out some well deserved medals to our Dunder Mifflin friends for keeping us laughing all these seasons.  I’ll only be handing out gold medals, because that’s the only color on my yogurt lids and I have run out of paperclips for the chains.  Without further ado . . .

Jim Halpert:  Gold medal for most creative office pranks.  My favorite would have to be putting all of Dwight’s belongings in the vending machine and handing him a sack of change.  Of course, the vampire gag was pretty great, too (see below).

Pam Beesly Halpert:  Gold medal for least graceful fall from a chair.  It seems that life-long ban from Chili’s is probably still in effect and for good reason.

Dwight Schrute:  Gold medal for snowball fighting.  I think Jim still has night terrors about that parking lot full of ominous snowmen waiting to strike.

Oscar Martinez: Gold medal for most daring escape attempt from fake fire.  After Dwight staged an all too realistic fire drill, Oscar was the first one who thought to escape through the ceiling (followed by Angela’s terrified cat).

Andy Bernard and Meredith Palmer:  Gold medal for Halloween costumes.  Their impressions of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton were fantastic.  Maybe we should start another blog about the legalities of vampires in the workplace.  Oh wait, we covered that when Jim convinced Dwight that he was turning into one after a bat invaded the office.  Unfortunately for Meredith, her bite only resulted in rabies (and a Fun Run), rather than a steamy scene with a leading True Blood man.

Last, but not least, Michael Scott:  Gold medal for World’s Best Boss.  He may have started by buying his own mugs with this title emblazoned on them, but he ultimately took home a well deserved trophy (and now a medal) for it.

Congratulations to our medalists!  Please send us your thoughts on which Dunder Mifflin employees you think are deserving of such an honor.