Month: November 2016

Judge clears way for antiretaliation portion of new OSHA rule

The antiretaliation provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new electronic record-keeping rule are set to be implemented on December 1 after a Texas federal judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction on November 28. The eventual fate of the rule isn’t known since Judge Sam Lindsay of the U.S. District Court […]


Prorating Nonexempt Employees’ Salaries: Tips for Employers

by Tareen Zafrullah Many exempt employees are salaried, and many nonexempt employees are hourly. Sometimes, however, an employer may have salaried nonexempt employees. This article explains whether an employer may prorate the salary of a salaried nonexempt employee who works less than 40 hours in a workweek under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Taking the Soft Approach to Corporate Wellness

by Kerry Anne Carter, vice president of Sales, and Carl Bergauer, field sales director, Staples Business Advantage It’s in a company’s best interest to ensure their workers are happy and healthy, so they can be more productive and positively impact the bottom line. However, simply putting a wellness program in place isn’t always the answer.


New Survey Uncovers the Key to Retaining Top Talent

Does your organization suffer from high turnover? Are you constantly looking for ways to retain talent? A new survey, conducted by Paychex, may offer more insight into ways employers can keep their current workforce happy, engaged, and most importantly—keep them around! The Paychex survey report, “Employee Retention: What Makes Employees Stay or Leave,” focuses on […]


Having AED at your workplace can save lives, shield you from liability

by Jeremy Thompson The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. People who have heart disease are at higher risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), but a person who appears healthy and has no known heart disease or other risk factors can also suffer SCA. According to the U.S. Department of […]


Communicating Healthcare Benefits Isn’t Easy, But It’s Essential

One of the most difficult communication challenges for Human Resources professionals is explaining healthcare benefits.  With healthcare options consistently changing and the list of medical acronyms forever expanding, it’s no wonder developing these communications can be frustrating. Yet, employees need help understanding the issues, which is why developing a strong healthcare benefits communications effort is […]