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News Notes: Ex-Employee Convicted Of Falsifying E-Mail Sexual Harassment Evidence

A woman was convicted by a criminal court of creating a phony e-mail message to buttress her sexual harassment case. Adelyn Lee, a former employee of Redwood City-based Oracle Corp., claimed CEO Larry Ellison ordered her termination after she refused to have sex with him on what turned out to be their last date. Lee wrote an e-mail message designed to look as if her supervisor had sent it to Ellison. The message confirmed Lee had been fired at Ellison’s request. Oracle settled her lawsuit for $100,000 to avoid huge attorneys’ fees, but always maintained the message was fake and that Lee was terminated because her performance was unsatisfactory. The company then turned the case over to the district attorney’s office, which eventually filed criminal charges against Lee. She is scheduled to be sentenced in mid-April.

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