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Employee Privacy Challenges & Solutions

M. Lee Smith Publishers and HR Hero have just released a new HR executive special report on employee privacy challenges for HR pros – Employee Privacy Challenges & Solutions: Electronic Monitoring, Health Information, Personnel Files, and More. The report is written by employment law attorney Katherine Novak Townsend.

Employee Privacy Challenges & Solutions, is a comprehensive guide for employers for monitoring employee activities and communications — without infringing on workers’ legal rights. In plain-English, it explains issues including:

  • workplace privacy rights and employers legal limits;
  • search and seizure: when employers can search work spaces, investigate misconduct, and search areas beyond the workplace;
  • when employers can monitor phone conversations and how the Electronic Communications Privacy Act comes into play;
  • how to monitor web use and e-mail activity at your company;
  • dos and don’ts for employee testing — including drug testing, genetic testing, and psychological exams; and
  • how laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act come into play when conducting background checks on employees.

The report is a free bonus for subscribers to the 50 Employment Law Letter newsletters and is available for purchase by non-subscribers for $97.

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