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News Flash: Will Ferrell to Guest Star on “The Office”

Listen up, friends: We’ve recently been handed some very exciting news! According to Sabre’s corporate offices, Will Ferrell will be joining “The Office” for a four-episode arc later this season. Will and his old pal Steve Carrell will be reunited for at least three of the four episodes, as Will plays a Sabre branch manager visiting Scranton.

The entire news employment law team here at TWSS is, of course, totally pumped and looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans ensue. (Pun intended, ahem.) If Sabre proves to be anything like Channel 4 News in San Diego, I think we can expect some hi-larious antics to come from Michael Scott and his new “co-person.” And of course, we TWSS’ers will be here to faithfully report to you all of the potential liabilities and HR nightmares that are sure to come.  Stay tuned!

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