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Litigation Value: Lots and lots of coal in everybody’s stockings!

Last night’s episode of The Office was a repeat of the night we were introduced to Pam’s temporary replacement, Kathy. Since my colleague Josh Drexler ably covered that episode when it aired a few weeks ago, I thought I’d just take this opportunity to look back at all the holiday fun our friends at Dunder Mifflin have experienced over the years. Here are my top 10 “Dunder Mifflin Holiday Moments” of the past seven seasons:

10. Playing “Yankee Swap” at the season 2 Christmas party… Michael’s dissatisfaction with his sweetly hand-knit gift from Phyllis led to a free-for-all in which everyone tried to win the iPod he had bought for Ryan (despite a $20 price limit).

9. Andy and Angela selecting “The Little Drummer Boy” for their wedding song. It’s Angela’s favorite song, and Andy’s always felt that it was “about more than just Christmas.”

8. Michael giving away a bike intended for charity to his new “girlfriend” in season 3’s “A Benihana Christmas.”

7. Dwight’s plan to buy up all the popular “Princess Unicorn” dolls in the area and then sell them back to desperate parents for a tidy profit. Grinch, what?

6. Michael’s season 7 “Classy Santa” outfit, chosen with an eye to impressing true love Holly.

5. Andy’s outrageous gift of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to Erin. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like birds — at least, not large birds that physically wound her.

4. Phyllis confiscating Angela’s Nativity Scene in season 5’s “A Moroccan Christmas” — except for the camels, because they were “on theme.”

3. Separate Christmas parties planned by a warring Party Planning Committee — Pam and Karen on one side, Angela and a reluctant Phyllis on the other — in season 3 (see video clip below).

2. Michael re-writing Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” to be about Diwali.

And my number one favorite holiday moment has got to be…

1. Michael sitting in Santa Phyllis’s lap in season 6! All-time classic Dunder Mifflin moment right there. (And something for the lawyers to cringe about, which we love to do.)

Now it’s your turn! Do share — what are your favorite Dunder Mifflin holiday moments?



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