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5 Things I Miss About You

With summer and the season of reruns upon us, I thought it was time to look back and reflect upon all the things I miss about Michael Scott. It’s hard to believe he has been off the show for so long. Here are the top 5 things I miss about Michael.

1. The fact he will go to any length to have some social/bonding time with his office family. Remember when he opened Cafe Disco after his co-workers refused his lunch invitation? Without Michael, Jim and Pam would have simply tied the knot at the courthouse without realizing the delight of watching their co-workers dance (badly) to “YMCA” in the middle of the workday.

2. Michael’s “that’s what she said” jokes. After all, that is where we got our blog name. My favorite? It would definitely have to be Jim goading Michael into making the joke during a visit from corporate about a complaint that Michael was inappropriate. Jim: “You always left me satisfied and smiling.” Michael: “That’s what she said!”

3. His interactions with other characters. Who is left to make fun of Toby for his divorce? To bring us along for a ride on Jan’s bizarre emotional roller-coaster? To ask Oscar exceedingly awkward questions about getting a colonoscopy? To flirt with Pam? Oh wait–that one is Jim’s responsibility (and sometimes Toby’s).

4. Michael’s wildly inappropriate office conduct that kept us happily blogging each week, though Dwight, Andy, and the rest of the crew have certainly taken the lead on this since Michael’s departure. However, I don’t think we’ll see a reappearance of Michael’s blow-up doll or the make-out rooms (divided by base, of course) in the office anytime soon.

5. Michael’s Fun Jeans. You never knew what might happen if Michael was wearing his favorite jeans. Magic? Impromptu dance party? Office weightlifting show? One-man trash can race? No wonder he dry-cleans them and founded casual day in their honor. 

That’s what we say. What do you say about your favorite Michael memories?

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss About You”

  1. Michael has never left my office… In fact he and Dwight both work here. They are both my bosses… I guess you could call me Toby.

    While my wife laughs at the reruns which we watch religiously, I can only cry…

    Glad to have found your site… Will keep watching!!

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