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Dead fish

Seriously, where is Andy Bernard? I’m worried about him. And his relationship with Erin. And Pete too. I’m not sure what a Pennsylvania court might say, but under Iowa law, Andy could presumably fire Pete simply because his girlfriend is attracted to him. See Nelson v. Knight (Iowa 2012) (dentist’s wife forced dentist to fire employee that dentist was attracted to).

On a slightly more substantive note, it was a little refreshing to see an interview free of any inappropriate or borderline unlawful questions involving a Dunder Mifflin employee. Of course Daryl’s interview was with another company. Still, there were no EEOC-disapproved questions — nothing that could be construed to elicit any disability questions, or age, religion, or nationality. And, it almost seemed warm and normal…right until those fish got electrocuted.

I’m not sure there were any employment law issues arising out of Dwight’s and Clark’s sales call. Dwight’s cat turd collection could be seen as some sort of disability perhaps.  But, at least it gave me the opportunity to write “cat turd” in a blog. I’ve wanted to do that for a while now.

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