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Draw me a butt

Litigation Value: Frank can collect from Pam and Dwight the cost of cleaning paint off his truck.

“Shouldn’t someone get fired for this?”

That’s the question Pam asked while confronting the large orange butts that someone (Frank) spray-painted on her warehouse mural in “Vandalism,” the second of two new episodes tonight. Of course someone should get fired, but Pam and Dwight will be joining Frank in the unemployment line after drawing revenge art on his truck. A trail of poop? Pam, you’re better than that.

Frank’s behavior during his HR interview and in the parking lot raises a more serious issue — workplace violence. The man is dangerous. A January 2011 FBI bulletin notes that in most cases workplace violent offenders do not suddenly “snap.” Instead, the study claims, they follow a path that can begin with behavior such as brooding or making odd writings and drawings. Frank seems well on his way down the path. His near physical attack on Pam was one of the show’s rare departures from any hint of comedy. In the real world, Dunder Mifflin would contact the police, terminate Frank immediately, and notify building security to watch for him on or around the property.

Throw in Pam’s looming adultery, Kevin’s takedown of Senator Lipton, and Nate’s dying mom (again), and you have yourself a pretty dark episode. Lighten up, NBC.

2 thoughts on “Draw me a butt”

  1. Brian’s intervention in this brought up a question that is actually related to a former episode. If Brian was willing to intercede on Pam’s behalf to stop the attack, shouldn’t he have intervened when Angela was arranging a contract killing? And is he in any way liable for that failure to act, if the killing had actually happened as arranged?

  2. Interesting observation, Parker. Most jurisdictions don’t require a person to act as a Good Samaritan, but it seems odd that Brian could film the intimate details of the planning of a murder and get off scot free for doing nothing. I think it’s safe to say he would have acted if the intended target was Pam, don’t you agree?

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