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Bye Bye Bye

Litigation Value: Michael’s Antics over the Years = Too Many Zeros to Count; Collateral Damage from the Dwight/Jim Feud over the Years = Some Unfortunate Workers’ Compensation Claims; Getting a Super-Sized Finale = Priceless.   

Given that my esteemed colleague, Jaclyn, has addressed the Moving On episode twice now, I thought I would focus on our upcoming finale. The word is that, although we will get to see Kelly and Ryan again before all is said and done, our beloved Michael Scott will not be returning for the final episode. I would like to think that he and Holly are too busy happily raising the children Michael has long dreamed of (and even considered adopting on his own until he heard about the pesky waiting period). Regardless, here is my wish list for the finale.

1.  Dwight and Angela finally get back together and proudly let their freak flags fly.  With his aunt’s farm to manage, I am sure that Dwight could use the extra hands, even Angela’s tiny ones. Plus, every kid should know how to milk a goat (and the difference between cows and goats).

2.  Oscar and the Senator live happily ever after. If anyone deserves a fairytale ending, it’s Oscar after dealing with Michael (and his unwelcome workplace smooches and colonoscopy questions) for all those years.

3.  Jim and Pam stop bickering, and Pam finally realizes that there truly is life outside of Scranton. I never thought I would see the former New York art school hopeful clinging to Scranton and Dunder Mifflin.

4.  Kelly finally gets her vengeance against Ryan for all those years of being strung along. Hopefully this time it will not involve trying to make Ryan jealous with Darryl or some other poor sap, who will only end up dumped when Ryan starts spewing bad poetry.

5.  More Creed! It seems he often gets less screen time than the other characters, but Creed is a long-time favorite of mine. Whether he’s reminiscing about his time as a cult leader or failing to catch pornographic watermarks involving some famous animated characters, Creed never ceases to entertain.

6.  Finally, maybe we can get through the entire final episode without ANY litigation value whatsoever. With it being a super-sized episode, I highly doubt it. Between Nelly, Dwight, and Andy, I’m sure there will be plenty of fodder for this blog.

Those are my thoughts. What would you like to see in the final episode? Any predictions for our Dunder Mifflin friends?

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