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Infographic Examines Performance Appraisal Practices

BLR 2013 Performance Management Survey Reveals Worst Evaluator Mistakes

A new infographic puts the spotlight on employer performance management practices—and what HR professionals think of them.

The infographic highlights findings from BLR’s 2013 Performance Management Survey conducted among survey participants representing 1,358 organizations.  It includes a “Performance Appraisal Report Card” reflecting participants’ ratings of how their organizations conduct appraisals, the link between pay raises and employee evaluations, and the 3 worst mistakes evaluators make.

BLR's Performance Management Survey

BLR’s Performance Management Survey: By

BLR’s Performance Management Survey also covers the performance factors organizations use for exempt and nonexempt employees, details about their evaluation processes, the roles that employees, supervisors and HR play in the evaluation process, pay practices for individual and group performance, and more.

Download the full results of BLR’s Performance Management Survey to get detailed breakdowns of all survey responses.


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