Changes to State and Local Government Compensation

Yesterday’s Advisor began to explore a survey from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence involving the state and local government workforce. Today, more results from that survey.

A recent survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence suggests that local and state governments are making lots of changes to their compensation packages.

Preparing for Retirement

When asked if survey takers feel that their employees are prepared for retirement, the responses were fairly similar. The slight majority (39%) indicated they didn’t know, while the next highest response (37%) answered no. The smallest response pool (24%) indicated that yes, they felt their employees were prepared for retirement.

Changing Healthcare Plans

When asked if their government had made changes to their health plans, 53% of respondents answered that they had, and 46% said they had not. Respondents were asked to elaborate. The majority (43%) answered that their employers had shifted costs to the employees. Only one-quarter (25%) indicated that their employers had implemented wellness programs. HAS accounts with high deductibles replaced other plans for 13% of respondents.

On the topic of health benefits, survey takers were asked how the Affordable Care Act affected their employees. The majority (42%) indicated that part-time employees had their hours capped at 30 per week.

Competitive Compensation Packages

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of those polled indicated that they felt that the total compensation package they offer their employees is competitive with the labor market. Only 20% indicated they did not feel that way. The remainder (6%) answered that they did not know.

Important Workforce Issues

A little over 80% of survey takers indicated that “recruiting and retaining qualified personnel with needed skills to public service” was an important workforce issue. Around 75% answered that both “workforce succession planning” and “staff development” were important workforce issues. Trailing behind at around 70% were the responses “competitive compensation package” and “retaining staff needed for core services.” That means that of the top five concerns, four involved staffing and recruitment.

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