5 Jobs Trends for 2017

Yesterday we looked at a CareerBuilder jobs forecast for 2017. Today we’ll look at an infographic with more results from that survey, plus 5 hiring trends to be aware of for 2017.

Five Trends to Watch in the New Year

Among key trends shaping the jobseeker experience in the coming year are:

  1. Companies will be under pressure to offer higher pay—Two-thirds of employers (66%) plan to increase salaries on initial job offers; 30% of all employers will increase it by 5% or more. Nearly half (47%) of employers expect to increase the minimum wage at their organizations and, of these employers, 44% will increase it by $3 or more; 20% will increase it by $5 or more.
  2. Jobseekers will need to emphasize their soft skills—When evaluating whom they will hire in 2017, 62% of employers rated the candidate’s soft skills as very important (i.e., skills associated with one’s personality such as positive attitude, team-oriented, or dependable).
  3. Employers will communicate with candidates via text—41% of employers said they will follow a recent trend and reach out to candidates via text messages to schedule interviews.
  4. Workers in general will need to become more savvy on social media—63% of employers said they expect employees across job functions to have some experience with social media.
  5. More companies will be open to hiring workers who are short on experience—55% of employers said they will train workers who don’t have experience in their field and hire them in 2017.

Further findings from CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast are showcased in the infographic below. For more information, visit the CareerBuilder website.

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