High Volume Recruiting Tips

Yesterday we explored the implications of the Trump Administration having to hire over 4,000 employees over the next few months. Today we’ll look at what kind of system you might use for a similar challenge.
By Anthony Panissidi, Social Media Associate at iCIMS

High-volume recruiters need as many applicants as possible, so they constantly deal with a large influx of applications under tight deadlines. Like Trump, they also need to stay organized. Some recruiters use homegrown methods or spreadsheets to organize their hiring efforts. Others use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that come as part of a larger software packages such as enterprise resource planning or human resource information systems.
Probably the best solution for trying to fill a large number of positions would be a robust ATS specifically built for this task. And, there are a few solutions out there. When looking for such an ATS, it helps if it has the following features:

  • Automatic posting. A good system really should have a way to easily post jobs to a large number of various job boards and over social media.
  • Mobile-friendly. It’s never been as important as it is now to make sure your application process can be done on the mobile phone whenever possible. A good solution should have a way to easily create a mobile-friendly application process.
  • Track Candidates. This is really a critical feature of any ATS when it comes to hiring for a great number of positions. Without such a feature, tracking hundreds or thousands of candidates becomes a full time task. The best solutions place all of the candidates’ information into one easy to access location.
  • Keeping in Communication. Many studies have shown that candidates that feel left out of the hiring process are far less likely to complete the process. The ability to automatically communicate with candidates, ideally with branded email templates, really helps alleviate this problem.
  • Employee Referrals. Any system that involves an employee referral tool will help you make a greater impact with your recruiting efforts by efficiently taking advantage of your existing employee connections. According to an iCIMS survey, more than 65% of employers agree that employee referrals fit better with their company culture.

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Anthony Panissidi is a social media associate at iCIMS.

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