Are Recruiters Having the Time of Their Lives?

Yesterday we heard the first two of three reasons why recruiters seem to have broken through recent difficulties recruiting by Karyn Mullins, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Today we’ll hear her final point.

  1. Social Media Expands Transparency.

The use of social media is changing the recruiting world. Both employers and candidates have the ability to be completely transparent with one another. This allows recruiters to learn more about a candidate’s personality before interviewing, and jobseekers can even engage and interact with recruiters before submitting an application.
Social Talent’s 2016 Global Recruiting Survey found 37% of recruiters use social media as their primary source for finding talent.
Recruiters are drawn to social media because it has opened up new relationships with candidates. It allows recruits to get to research and meet employees, as well as the company, and helps the employer to get to know the recruiters, as well. From posting something engaging to receiving a comment from a potential candidate and being able to respond, recruiters are able to encourage meaningful conversations.
This gives today’s recruiters the ability to interact with and attract better candidates from the newer generation. Their ability to be present where candidates spend most of their time—on social media—allows for greater personal connections.
What exciting changes do you see in the future of recruiting?
Karyn Mullins, Executive Vice President and General Manager at, a job board that gives members access to the most sought-after medical sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs on the Web.

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