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4 Ways to Make Mobile Learning More Interactive

The mobile learning industry is anticipated to be worth $70 billion this year as organizations continue to discover the importance of training their employees and the engagement and productivity levels of those employees.


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Studies show that mobile learning is effective in increasing employees’ engagement levels and knowledge retention levels and that it increases an organization’s overall productivity and market competitiveness. However, mobile learning apps and courses must include interactive and engaging elements for their learners if they’re to remain effective in a mobile learning marketplace that’s saturated with options.
If you want to keep mobile learning experiences at the top of your employees’ minds, consider the following four ways you can ensure they’re more engaging.

1. Include Gamified Elements

Allow employee learners to earn coins or badges when completing mobile learning courses and to share their results with you and each another. These badges or marks could go toward certificates of learning or other credentials, or learners could simply earn points to outrank their peers in an engaging environment, which will provide them with a fun and interactive learning experience.

2.Provide Assessments and Surveys

Have learners complete a quick assessment or quiz at the end of each lesson to test their understanding of the material that was just covered so they can easily interact with and test the knowledge they gained through the module. In this way, learners will know what they need to study for in the future.
Also, consider including employee self-assessments and surveys at the end of mobile learning modules so learners can assess the materials and your L&D team can glean more information about its learners.

3. Host Live Webinars or Podcasts

To keep your employee learners engaged in their mobile learning, host live webinars or podcasts that they can access on their mobile devices, which will allow employees to tune into weekly or monthly learning experiences that keep them abreast of new trends, programs, information, skills, etc.
These virtual events could also include interactive polls and encourage learners to share their experiences with each other and instructors; be sure to record these events for employees to access and interact with later in virtual learning platforms.

4. Endorse Social Learning

Encourage your employees to share mobile learning apps, courses, materials, and experiences with one another via social platforms to make them more interactive. This can be done by including social media links in each learning module or having an internal social learning platform for your employee learners to post questions.
If you want your mobile learning initiatives to remain effective this year, don’t forget to make them more interactive by following the tips outlined above.

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