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DOL Extends Comment Period on Joint Employment Rule

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced a new deadline—June 25, 2019—for submitting comments on its proposed rule on joint employment.

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The DOL announced the extension on May 13. The original deadline was June 10. The DOL is seeking comments from employers and other interested parties on its proposed rule that aims to revise and clarify what constitutes joint employer arrangements as they relate to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The proposed rule is seen as being helpful to employers, especially those in franchise relationships, those that use staffing companies, and those that subcontract work to other companies. It is seen as more employer-friendly than guidance issued near the end of the Obama administration, which many employers felt made potentially risky joint employer relationships more likely.

More on the proposed rule and its four-factor test for determining joint-employer status is available here.

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