Understanding Your Role in Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment has been top of mind for most HR professionals as the #MeToo movement gained momentum over the past year. Employers, employees, and HR departments alike are striving to create safe workplaces for all, and they’re getting some help from state and local legislators. So far, more than 30 jurisdictions—including New York and even […]

HR and Talent Acquisition Trends: The Future Is Now

Start with the end in sight. It’s recognizable business advice, but what does it mean for HR executives in terms of successfully advancing the corporate agenda? Creating a company culture that promotes high performance, accountability, and diversity; utilizes analytics and exceptional communication; and results in a top 10 stock performance, or the equivalent, is a […]


What Should You Be Including in Your Meeting Minutes?

In a previous post, we discussed reasons meeting minutes are essential for ensuring meetings are actually a productive use of your employees’ time. These include preventing the need to retrace steps or repeat discussions, keeping meetings moving forward and documenting action items.


Comcast and Walmart Focus on Military Hiring

Several major employers have recently announced new or increased efforts to hire members of the military community as part of their recruitment initiatives. The military community includes not only active military members but veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and women and their spouses.


Best Practices in Daily Time Tracking

In previous posts, we discussed the benefits of implementing a daily time tracking system for individual employees as well as the related benefits for the managers of those employees. But, just understanding the benefits of such a system isn’t the same as knowing how to realize those benefits.