News Notes: Minimum Wage Headed Up To $7.25?

On top of the minimum wage rate hikes enacted last year, a new measure has been introduced in Washington to boost the minimum wage to $7.25 by 2002. The current schedule ups the minimum wage to $5.15 on September 1, 1997, and to $5.75 on March 1, 1998. We’ll keep you posted.

News Notes: Home Depot Socked With Big Retaliation And ADA Verdict

An Oakland jury has ordered Home Depot to shell out almost $1.7 million for retaliating against an employee who complained about sexual harassment and failing to accommodate her under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Denise Restivo, a computer systems coordinator, was demoted and transferred after charging that managers made sexual remarks and mocked the company’s […]

News Notes: Use Caution When Advising Employees About Retirement Benefits

Carol Becker, a terminally ill Eastman Kodak Co. employee, put off taking early retirement in favor of going on long-term disability. She planned to retire a few months later, but then died just three days before her retirement date. Her husband sued Kodak, claiming it violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act because a company […]

News Notes: Deluge Of Overtime Misclassification Claims Not Letting Up

There has been a surge of class action lawsuits filed by workers seeking huge damages for back overtime based on claims that they were improperly classified as managers exempt from overtime laws. Now, more than 600 low-level managers have sued Robinsons-May Inc., a retailer with 46 department stores in California. The workers contend that although […]

News Notes: Microsoft Loses Independent Contractor Class Action Lawsuit

Reaffirming its decision from last fall, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal covering California has ruled that employees who were misclassified as independent contractors by Microsoft are eligible to participate retroactively in the company’s lucrative stock purchase program and possibly its pension plan as well. Part of Microsoft’s problem was that its forms and […]

Sample Internet Policy

Here’s a sample Internet policy you can modify and/or expand to meet your organization’s specific needs. Have your employees sign the policy, acknowledging they understand it and agree to be bound by its terms. [Company] Internet Policy   Business use only. [Company] provides Internet access (including e-mail) to its employees to assist and facilitate business […]

Employee Internet Use: How To Guard Against New Online Risks-From Copyright Violations To Sexual Harassment

An employee has been copying pornographic images off the Internet and showing them to co-workers. Another has been using company e-mail to distribute racist jokes. And several others have downloaded some hot new software onto their office PCs-violating federal copyright laws. It’s bad enough these employees are surfing the Net instead of working. But you […]