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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an important and ongoing strategy of any HR plan. Ensuring that your company supports hiring, engaging, and retaining diverse workers with varied backgrounds will set your company up for long-term success and an increased bottom line. This topic offers the latest strategies for talent management, key insights from diversity leaders, case studies on D&I in the workplace, and more.

Case Study: Employee Can’t Show Firing Was Because of Her Gender

Discrimination claims are determined by a three-step analysis. Usually, the third step in this analysis—pretext—is key. Despite the ways in which courts have outlined how pretext for discrimination can be proven, there are times when an employee’s evidence of pretext falls short. A recent case from the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is a […]

Women Can Be the Architects of the Future of Work

We often refer to the “future of work” as if we’re waiting for the next episode of a television series. Yet before we see a season of equality, women will need to be in the writers’ room. Without the energy, ideas, and mobilizing capacities of women, business will continue to be business as usual. By […]

Going Beyond Mandates to Prevent LGBTQIA+-Related Discrimination and Harassment

According to the Center for American Progress’s 2022 Survey, half of LGBTQIA+ adults reported experiencing some form of workplace discrimination or harassment in the past year because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or intersex status, including being fired or denied a promotion; having their hours cut; or experiencing verbal, physical, or sexual harassment. This […]

How Organizations Can Support the Reintegration of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

There’s a serious stigma associated with formerly incarcerated individuals in the workforce, although it has recently become clear that this stigma is unfair and based on falsehoods. By ignoring the largely untapped workforce the formerly incarcerated population represents, employers are missing out on a group of hardworking individuals who could solve many of their problems. […]

Embracing Authenticity, Awareness, and Acceptance: How SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Ruling Will Impact Corporations

For over 25 years now, I have been consulting with companies about diversity and inclusion. This was long before the word “equity” was included. I’ve watched the concepts go from apathy to mild interest to the hottest internal HR and community initiatives that brought the word “equity” into the mix to now diversity, equity, and […]

Beyond Inclusion: Cultivating a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are imperative to business success, but organizations must go a step further to create a truly inclusive workplace. That’s why we at Model N added an important letter to our initiative: B for belonging. Merely having a DEI strategy doesn’t suffice if it fails to create an environment and culture […]

What To Expect (From the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act) When You’re Expecting

Since 1978, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)—which amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964—has prohibited discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions. For 45 years, however, the landmark law fell short of specifically addressing a pregnant or postpartum employee’s need for special accommodations while working. Until now. A New Law […]

Workers with Disabilities Benefit from Tight Labor Market

One of the silver linings of the current labor market turmoil employers are facing is that those who are looking for work have found greater opportunities than perhaps at any other point in their careers. Notably, that includes groups of traditionally marginalized individuals, such as those with disabilities. New Opportunities Emerging “People with disabilities have […]

Giving Each Employee a Voice and How to Amplify It

Innovative companies are collaborative companies. They find new solutions by sifting through a steady flow of fresh ideas drawn from a wide range of contributors. The best innovators understand that the next big idea could come from anyone in the organization, so they democratize innovation and invite everyone to participate. Achieving that level of collaboration […]

How Has the #MeToo Movement Changed the Workplace?

Initiated by the social media activity of sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke, the #MeToo movement began nearly 20 years ago in 2006 and gained increased prominence in the late 2010s with sexual assault allegations—and ultimately convictions—against media mogul Harvey Weinstein. The movement has gained particular traction in the world of big media, from […]