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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Protecting Your Business: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Background Checks

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for most businesses, helping to ensure that employers are hiring the best possible candidates for the job. Proper screening via background checks can also help protect a company from potential legal issues down the line. In addition, the importance of background checks is clearly understood […]

What’s Next for Work: Trends in Video Conferencing and Remote Collaboration

Connectedness is crucial in the hybrid work era, which is why it’s no surprise that industries far and wide are embracing more powerful, flexible collaboration solutions and video conferencing equipment. Whether it’s making telehealth and virtual education more inclusive, or making collaboration for banking and government more secure, the challenges across the business landscape are […]

Is Q1 Still the Best Time for Hiring in an Uncertain Economy?

Even with the looming danger of a full-scale recession, as seen by record high mortgage rates and falling consumer spending, the job market’s strength has continued to act as a buffer. Despite massive layoffs in the tech sector, according to experts, there are employers planning to hire in the coming months as opposed to reductions […]

Big Businesses Facing Another Kind of Labor Pressure

In theory, labor unions and employers have the potential to engage in effective partnerships. After all, both have something the other needs: Employers need labor to staff their operations, and labor unions need jobs for their members. Of course, in the real world, organized labor and employers are often seen in antagonistic relationships more frequently […]

Are Workers Starting to Turn the Corner on a Return to the Office?

In recent years, the remote work narrative has focused on the tension between employers and workers, with workers willing to quit rather than return to the office and employers chomping at the bit to get workers back in the building. Remote Work Works for Some Of course, this is a big oversimplification. Many employers have […]

Why Mindset Manager Will Be the Most Important Role for 2023

There’s a huge amount of power in the individual mindset. It can cripple a person’s performance and life experience. It can carry you through the hardest of times. It can bring goal achievement within reach or leave dreams always beyond your grasp. It’s an incredibly potent thing. But it can be incredibly difficult to manage, […]

What Are the Keys to a High-Performing Post-COVID Workforce?

While some of the challenges COVID brought to the business world have been left behind, others still linger in the background of today’s workforce, including supply chain issues. According to some experts, businesses should expect to continue to face supply chain issues until at least 2025. In some ways, the challenges presented by disruptions in […]

The Rise of the 4-Day Workweek                                                      

The decade ahead will likely be known for innovations we haven’t even imagined yet. In the workplace, it may be known for the rise of a new way of scheduling employees: the 4-day workweek. As overwork has become a chronic issue, entire countries have started piloting and testing shorter workweeks. Between 2015 and 2019, Iceland […]

3 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Your Screen

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, the hours spent looking at screens have increased. In a recent study, statistics showed that adults spend 5 hours per day looking at phone screens alone, on top of other devices in the home. When you take into account the number of jobs that require regular use […]

Employee Belonging Is a Foundation for Well-Being Success

Employers that want to reduce burnout, improve mental health, and ease stress in the workplace may find that helping employees feel like they belong will give them an outsized advantage when it comes to improving employee satisfaction, well-being, and productivity. According to a new survey of 1,000 employees and 1,000 employers, improving employees’ sense of […]