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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Train Supervisors and Managers in the 10 Areas Most Likely to Attract Lawsuits

A single BLR PowerPoint® program includes 10 separate presentations in the areas most likely to cause legal troubles. If yesterday’s article offering a “termination primer” said anything, it pointed out the importance of training managers and supervisors in how much classic principles like “employment at will” have been modified by a society in which “sue […]

HR Training for Line Managers and Supervisors: The 10-Minute Solution

Attorneys agree the antidote to many legal problems is proper supervisor training. But who’s got the time? Answer: If you’ve got 10 minutes, you do. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor article noted how, when two teams of attorneys were asked to list key HR problem areas, they came up with virtually the same results in two separate […]

HR Metrics: Count on Them

To reach the top levels of business, two experts advise using HR metrics. In a June 28 BLR audio conference, they’ll tell you how. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor carried the results of a survey of top HR generalists on what skills they’d most like to see in their successors. Many must have been surprised to find […]

Orient Your Supervisors Toward Better New Employee Orientation

“Orientation has a direct impact on future productivity, performance, and job satisfaction. And you (the supervisor) play a key role in the success of the orientation process.” These words are from BLR’s training program, Audio Click’ n Train: New Employee Orientation: A How-To for Supervisors. Both formal studies and common sense prove that they’re true. […]

New Employee Orientation: How to Do It Right

Future job performance and retention start with the very first day on the job, say two HR experts. Here’s how to make that day, and what follows, worthwhile. Remember your first day on the job? A bit terrifying, wasn’t it? Even if you came from a similar position, there were new people to meet, new […]

6 Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

To better communicate with bosses, colleagues and customers, match your message to your audience, and don’t forget the nonverbal skills, says a new DVD plus book program. A recent Daily Advisor listed the ability to communicate effectively as one of the secrets to success in any organization. We discussed it in terms of reaching senior […]

Performance Appraisals: What Supervisors Need to Know … and Do

The performance appraisal process offers great benefits to both employees and the organization. These concepts may help your supervisors do the best job of it. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor article listed a number of mistakes supervisors often make during performance appraisal meetings … things like discussing activities instead of results, getting emotionally involved, or simply talking […]