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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Train Your Supervisors to Be Teambuilders

Workplace teams can do wonders, but only if they’re led by a “resourceful leader.” A new program trains your supervisors to be just that. Recently, Ford Motor Company ended production of the Taurus. Over a 21-year run, some 7 million units were produced. It was a very popular car. But the Taurus will also be […]

"Sound Advice" for Training Supervisors

If you want to effectively train supervisors on legal hiring, don’t just show them or tell them, but do both! If you’ve tried training your supervisors on HR and found that some just never catch on, perhaps you’re not properly accommodating their “learning styles.” For as educators will tell you, some people learn best by […]

Train Without the Pain!

Readers: See special survey invitation at bottom. To train supervisors in HR, you need a well-prepared, tightly structured prepared program. We’ve found one … and it’s got time codes! Several recent Advisor articles have pointed to the line supervisor as the key link in your HR compliance chain. Unfortunately, that same supervisor may also be […]

12 Easy Steps to Training Success

Think you can’t train effectively? Follow these 12 steps and see how easy it can be. In business, the difference between success and failure these days is often measured by how well you train your workers. The reasons are understandable. Changing technology constantly creates new skills to master. Competition forces us to hone employee performance […]

3 Formulas for Better Training

To train better and to get more funding for training, do it “by the numbers.” These days, business is increasingly ruled by numbers. But there are some things that can’t be quantified, right? Like how the human mind can be affected by training. Not so, says training industry leader Bob Pike, speaking to a meeting […]

A Gem of a Program to Train Supervisors on HR!

Daily Advisor discovers a “hidden treasure” in the BLR vaults to make key HR issues understandable to supervisors and non-HR managers Occasionally a Daily Advisor article on a specific topic will spark a more general question from our readers. That happened recently as a result of the piece we did on entry-level hiring and retention. […]

Unlock Training Potential with These ‘Four Keys to Learning’

Four well-tested educational strategies can help you train quickly and effectively on almost any topic. Your boss calls you in and tells you “There’s a lot of news lately about age discrimination in business. I don’t want us caught up in it. Can you do some training for our managers on the basics of discrimination?” […]

7 Essentials for Training

A training expert supplies pointers to enhance your content by improving your delivery. OK, you’ve got great content for your training session, but how is your delivery? Bob Pike, a motivational speaker in the training industry, wants to know. And he also wants to tell you how to improve it. Pike made these points speaking […]

Before you do job training, check out the need

Job training can improve your organization, but only if you use it in situations that complement your business plan When an organization isn’t reaching potential, the snap answer is often “do some job training.” Indeed, there are many powerful job training programs now available in a variety of formats. The power of video and computer-based […]