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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

New Employee Orientation: How to Do It Right

Future job performance and retention start with the very first day on the job, say two HR experts. Here’s how to make that day, and what follows, worthwhile. Remember your first day on the job? A bit terrifying, wasn’t it? Even if you came from a similar position, there were new people to meet, new […]

6 Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

To better communicate with bosses, colleagues and customers, match your message to your audience, and don’t forget the nonverbal skills, says a new DVD plus book program. A recent Daily Advisor listed the ability to communicate effectively as one of the secrets to success in any organization. We discussed it in terms of reaching senior […]

Performance Appraisals: What Supervisors Need to Know … and Do

The performance appraisal process offers great benefits to both employees and the organization. These concepts may help your supervisors do the best job of it. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor article listed a number of mistakes supervisors often make during performance appraisal meetings … things like discussing activities instead of results, getting emotionally involved, or simply talking […]

Forge the Crucial Link in the Antidiscrimination Compliance Chain

Discrimination is a wider issue than most workers realize. Here’s a program that gives them a panoramic view of the problem, so you get wider protection against its consequences. A recent Daily Advisor article discussed the legal aspects of discrimination and how to avoid a lawsuit. The law in this case is pretty clear for […]

Holiday Season (and Year-Round) Stress: How to Handle It

Today’s workforce operates under high pressure, especially at holiday season. Here are some tools to help them handle the load. Holiday season is one of the most joyous times of the year, but it’s also one of the most stressful. Gift buying fever is at its peak, and the malls are jammed. Even worse are […]

A Tool to Train Supervisors on HR in as Little as 10 Minutes

Supervisors are expert in their areas, but these days they need to know HR. too. Here’s a way to train them on 50 key skills in record-setting time. A recent HR Daily Advisor article suggested that before you spend the time and effort to do job training, find out if training is the answer to […]

Train Your Supervisors to Be Teambuilders

Workplace teams can do wonders, but only if they’re led by a “resourceful leader.” A new program trains your supervisors to be just that. Recently, Ford Motor Company ended production of the Taurus. Over a 21-year run, some 7 million units were produced. It was a very popular car. But the Taurus will also be […]

"Sound Advice" for Training Supervisors

If you want to effectively train supervisors on legal hiring, don’t just show them or tell them, but do both! If you’ve tried training your supervisors on HR and found that some just never catch on, perhaps you’re not properly accommodating their “learning styles.” For as educators will tell you, some people learn best by […]

Train Without the Pain!

Readers: See special survey invitation at bottom. To train supervisors in HR, you need a well-prepared, tightly structured prepared program. We’ve found one … and it’s got time codes! Several recent Advisor articles have pointed to the line supervisor as the key link in your HR compliance chain. Unfortunately, that same supervisor may also be […]

12 Easy Steps to Training Success

Think you can’t train effectively? Follow these 12 steps and see how easy it can be. In business, the difference between success and failure these days is often measured by how well you train your workers. The reasons are understandable. Changing technology constantly creates new skills to master. Competition forces us to hone employee performance […]