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Leadership & Lyrics

I love to hike. Several times a week, I’m rejuvenated by walking through the rolling north hills of western Pennsylvania, where I enjoy the dense forests, beautiful streams, and sprawling farms. During these jaunts, I often pop in my ear buds to soak in the music of the singers/songwriters of the early 1970s. Recently, the […]

The Art of Leadership: Choosing the Right Role in Critical Moments

How many times have you or one of your leaders been presented with the following scenario: A member of your team calls, clearly stressed, and after explaining the situation says something like: “I am really struggling with this. What should I do?” We’ve all been there, perhaps several times per day with several different team […]

Strategic Goal-Setting: Mapping Your Path to Successful Leadership

The most effective leaders are those who consistently strive for self-improvement and the enhancement of their leadership abilities. To become a powerful and influential leader, you must commit to acquiring skills that may not be innate. This can be achieved by setting leadership goals. Your “goal” is to choose objectives and goals to focus your […]

Leadership Transitions: An Exercise to Help Leaders of New Teams

The first 90 days a leader assumes new responsibilities is a critical time to establish credibility and set the direction for the team. Much has been written on this subject, and one terrific resource for this transition is a book written by Michael Watkins in which he offers many helpful suggestions for leaders. Today, and […]

Leaders and Motivation: Is It Them or Me?

What have you done lately to help your team fully invest in their work? Leaders frequently ask me to explain why some members of their workforce don’t seem fully engaged or motivated. They report that people are just going through the motions or, worse, just doing what’s minimally expected. “In an era when innovation, speed, […]

Webinar Watch: Why Leadership Communication is Not One-Size-Fits-All

There is no substitute for the skill of good, effective communication. While many assume that since leaders are in positions of authority, they must already communicate well.  The stark reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth! For leaders who are truly great communicators, they recognize that there are four key dimensions of […]

How to Create a Coaching Culture

Creating a coaching culture can be one of the most important contributions you will ever make as a Human Resources professional and in the case of senior leaders, will likely be a predominant feature of your career. When you see an organization that is highly productive, innovative, and nimble, it is likely driven by a […]

Coaching Remote Employees

The case for coaching has been made. Coaching is recognized as a critical competency for leaders from organizations of all sizes and industries. Today, and into the foreseeable future, one of the most important priorities for leaders at all levels is to be catalysts for the high performance and career acceleration of their team members, […]

CHROs’ Time Has Come

How activating brand purpose can make the difference After the past (COVID) year, employees coming out of the pandemic are feeling drained. They are looking to leaders for reassurance, inspiration, and courage to guide them through a time of great uncertainty. Traditional employee engagement and “status quo” internal communications are good, but much more is […]

“Purpose-Driven” is Not Enough

As organizations and their leadership continue to evolve and develop strategies for engaging their people ever more deeply in work, an important notion has developed which by some, is seen as the key to the puzzle to find the source of “purpose” connected to that work, then to establish that as the motivation or “driver” […]